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Keep up with us #Keep(ing)UpWithTheM4

** It’s a big moment. The first BMW M4 was a hit. We love cars, but especially those that can attract all the public's attention in a second. That’s why we drive.**

The 2021 BMW M4 Competition is arguably one of the most radical redesigns in the company's storied history. Curios about how it is on the road? Lucky you! But…lucky us, too!

Thanks to one of our favorite clients, Auto Cobălcescu, BMW authorized dealer in Bucharest and Pitești, last month we made a short series named “#KeepUpWithTheM4”, focused on our road trip with the newest BMW M4 Competition. At the wheel, there...

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#Aprilprojects - The most delicious digital Egg Hunt!

Milka Bunny brings you the most tender and delicious Egg Hunt

You may, or may not know, but in many countries, the Egg Hunt is a popular Easter ritual. Our delicious client, Milka, wanted to familiarize its consumers with the egg hunting ritual (not yet very popular in Romania) and make Easter more than a religious celebration, a tender, fun time.

With the help of our client, we managed to transpose the conceptual headline of the Easter 2021 campaign into an egg hunt game and here is the amazing project we created.

We wanted to bring the Egg Hunt ritual closer to Romanian consumers and thu...

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Isopan Launch Event

There is a new form of energy in the world – Knowledge.

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BMW Proleasing Motors at Ciucas X3

BMW Proleasing Motors and the Motivation Foundation launch the Motivation Marathon Initiative for Independent Lives at Ciucaș X3

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When You’ve Got “Nothing to Wear”, You Can Help Others Get Shoes!

How many of us have said “I’ve got nothing to wear”? But how many of us really meant that, when what we were actually trying to say was “I don’t have a pair of shoes I like”?

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When Was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time? #liveforthestory

This is the question that Canon România and The Good Company agency turned into... a lifestyle.

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Canon Endless Toys

What Does a White-Turquoise Panda Bear Mean to You?

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Transilvania Train: o altfel de experiență turistică

The first edition integrated a series of unique experiences, from workshops on traditional shingling, medieval architecture or wine tastings to rare cultural events: the Sibiu Philharmonic Orchestra’s concert, and the Sebeș Church organ concert.

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#RoadToBMWWelt: the Campaign through which a BMW Dealer Rewarded Those Choosing the Brand

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BANOMETRU: the Measuring Unit that Romanians Need, Especially Around the Holidays

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