When Was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time? #liveforthestory

Posted in Blog, News on Jan 31, 2019

This is the question that Canon România and The Good Company agency turned into... a lifestyle. To seek out stories everywhere, non-stop. The inspiration came from Canon’s global communication umbrella, “Live for the Story”, which entails creating new experiences and sharing them with the world through photo and video equipment suited to each category of photography enthusiasts.


How we built the campaign

The first step was to split our target audience into two distinct categories, but with the same challenge – to do something for the first time:

  • Professional photographers
  • Photography enthusiasts just starting out.

The objectives (to inspire the public, to communicate the photo and video Canon device ranges) were met by focusing on digital communication, using Canon partner channels, influencer channels, Google Display and Facebook. The mix of materials used online was built from the first-time experiences of the people involved in the campaign: banners, short films, gifs, ads and carousels.

But the influencers, chosen based on their target audiences, were the biggest contributors to the campaign’s message, giving examples of the challenges we presented them with, and of their first-time experiences.

How we communicated to photography enthusiasts just starting out: through the influencers who chose to accept our challenges – Dragoș Bucur, Anca Surdu, Travelgirls, Mihai Jurca and Vlad Eftenie – and chose to share this experience with a representative of their community.

• Dragoș Bucur and Anca Surdu wanted to take a ride on a hot air balloon, so they waited for a day with no wind or rain, and the balloons took to the clear skies.



• Travelgirls chose to experience a one-day culinary marathon, and went through four international cuisines present in Bucharest. It wasn’t as easy as it may seem 😊.


• Mihai Jurca wanted to fly an ultra-light two-seater airplane.


• Vlad Eftenie was super-excited to travel with the train conductor in a locomotive.


They were all provided with a Canon camera suited to their experience level and chosen activity, so they could capture and keep the memories of these experiences in the best possible quality.

How we communicated to professional photographers: with the aid of some of Romania’s best-known photographers – Alex Gălmeanu, Cristian Vasile, Ostafi Photography, Dorin Bofan and Adrian Petrișor. Their challenge was to choose a difficult photography situation that they hadn’t tackled before, and to surpass it through Canon device technology.

• Alex Galmeanu tested the devices in very low light conditions, with candle-lit photoshoots; two months after the first experience, he exceeded his own expectations by photographing exclusively under candle light.



• Cristian Vasile tested Canon devices in the Sahara Desert – a harsh environment, considering the fine sand and big temperature differences.


• Dorin Bofan ran tests in Patagonia, in a fairly harsh, but impressively beautiful environment.


• Our photographer friends from Ostafi changed their field from event photography to photojournalism, and the results were impressive.



• Adrian Petrișor took a similar road, trading in event photography for wildlife photography, thus getting extremely close to the Carpathian bear – which seems to be what he mostly wants to keep doing.


A reach of approximately 422,000 from influencer communication alone, and an engagement (comments, likes, shares) around 63,000 have shown that the inspirational objective was met, comfort zones were exceeded alongside Canon friends, and the challenge of trying new experiences and sharing them with the world was worth it. And the story continues, with new challenges waiting to be tackled.

“We want to inspire people to live stories that we can take further and share with the whole world. We want to be partners in every story, not only inspiring through other people’s stories, but facilitating the creation of new stories.” Andreea Ionescu (Project Coordinator, Canon România).

“It was a campaign close to our hearts, with a lot of challenges. It’s not often one gets the chance to meet so many wonderful people with unique stories, who are still open to discovering new things and pushing their own limits. I can say this campaign also motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things – and I know it inspired others, too.” Bianca Chiscop (Project Manager, The GOOD Company)

The team making this campaign possible was comprised of: Delia Mărgărit (Managing Partner - The GOOD Company), Andreea Ionescu (B2C & B2B Marketing Professional – Canon Romania), Bianca Chiscop (Project Manager – The GOOD Company), Andrei Voinea (Project Manager – The GOOD Company), Bogdan Jlobnițchi (Strategic Planner – The GOOD Company), Bogdan Anghelache (Media Planner – The GOOD Company), Florence Luca (Creative Director - Digital Friday), Teodor Bradu (Creative - Digital Friday), Anita Kevorchian (Graphic Designer – Digital Friday).