On Attitude and the Right Shoes for Standing Out

Posted in Blog, News on Dec 11, 2017

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in an interview, at the office or in a business meeting, in everything implied by “doing a good job” or “having a great time” – there is an essential element that we all possess to varying degrees. It’s all about attitude.

Considering how one’s attitude can be reflected or influenced by the outfit, specifically the shoes worn, TEZYO, supported by The Good Company, brought to life the ideas mentioned above by launching the “Shoes with Attitude” campaign; it started with the conviction that attitude trumps any accessory, and the right shoes have a positive influence on the mood of their wearer and of the people around.

The campaign took place between October 15th – November 15th, 2016, and it was supported by the fashion blogger Dana Rogoz, fashion analyst Alin Galatescu, as well as Marta Usurelu and Carmen Bruma, two successful women in business and showbiz.


*Mihaela Dumitrescu (Marketing Director, Otter Distribution): "Since its launch, TEZYO has been a brave brand that permanently adapts to its customers’ needs. This is why, with every campaign we launch, we aim to be as close as possible to our community and to initiate a long-lasting dialogue. The Shoes with Attitude campaign is just such an initiative, where we interact with our customers, encouraging them to have the right attitude and to choose products suited to their style; at the same time, we inspire them to succeed with our role models, women who are successful in their professional and personal lives."

Delia Margarit (Managing Partner The GOOD Company): "In order to successfully draw attention to their campaign, a communicator needs four basic ingredients: they must know where to start and where they want to finish; they must know their target audience well and empathize with them; they must have integrated thinking and pursue the client’s goals rather than their personal ones; and, last but not least, they must measure and optimize results along the way, to achieve maximum efficiency. The Shoes with Attitude campaign is the second campaign we designed for TEZYO, a brand we built together considering all of the above; the results we have and the community built around the brand prove that an integrated thinking, analytical but also creative, is the recipe for success in any evolving business."*

The “Shoes with Attitude” campaign included online and offline communication for varied target audiences, all elements being communicated through the new e-commerce TEZYO platform, on the TEZYO Facebook page or with the help of communication partners.

Clients visiting TEZYO stores during the campaign received an attitude kit, with inspirational advice, recommendations for a positive attitude, and details about the campaign prizes.


In addition, the campaign video material offered examples of situations when attitude is an advantage – main campaign endorser Dana Rogoz and her special guests, Marta Usurelu and Carmen Bruma, talked about the right attitude to help you overcome your limits.

In addition to online and offline communication, Palas Iasi hosted the “Shoes on Stage” event, where attendees discovered the new autumn-winter 2016/2017 collection on the Atrium catwalk, together with Dana Rogoz and Alin Galatescu.

Participants had the opportunity to admire outfits made by Iasi-based designers, and the outfits were highlighted by the attitude shoes from the TEZYO multi-brand collection. Bloggers, fashion critics, showbiz or business celebrities and other specialized publications became supporters of the “Shoes with Attitude” campaign, and the project made a splash on all social media platforms.








Participating teams:

The TEZYO team contributing to the campaign’s development was comprised of: Mihaela Dumitrescu (Marketing Director), Silvia Rudisteanu (Marketing Specialist), Cristi Movila (eCommerce Director), Claudia Nastase (Online Marketing Specialist). In addition, all TEZYO employees got involved and contributed to the campaign’s successful deployment.

The team participating in the campaign’s development was comprised of: Delia Margarit (Managing Partner, The GOOD Company), Magda Topolica, (Sr. Account Manager, The GOOD Company), Bianca Chiscop (Jr. Account Executive, The GOOD Company), Dan Coravu (Content Creator, The GOOD Company), Florence Luca (Creative Director, Digital Friday), Teodor Bradu (Creative, Digital Friday), Anita Kevorchian (Graphics Designer, Digital Friday), Teodora Alexa (Graphics Designer, Digital Friday).