“Paired-up Shoes” from TEZYO

Posted in Blog, News on Jul 14, 2016

At the beginning of the warm season, TEZYO, the new fashion concept by OTTER Distribution, started the “Paired-up Shoes” campaign to mark the debut of a new shopping destination, which offers more than shoes and accessories – it offers advice on style and tendencies.

The campaign debuted with a short teasing period, when the public was familiarized with the new TEZYO concept store and got wind of a surprise planned for its customers.

The campaign debut also saw the launch of a microsite, with information about the TEZYO brand, the upcoming surprises, and the partnership with Ana Morodan – the fashion consultant with whom we organized three style workshops at TEZYO locations in Bucharest and elsewhere in the country.





In addition, from the desire to bring the public advice and inspiration on nailing down their favourite outfits, TEZYO also launched the Online Style Quiz: based on the answers to five questions, TEZYO stylists would offer on-the-spot advice on the trendiest colours and the best way to combine them, as well as shoe recommendations to fit each person’s style and personality.

Once the “Paired-up Shoes” campaign was underway, the public discovered, in stages, the surprises TEZYO had prepared in the four stores. For each pair of shoes customers bought in-store, they received a surprise accessory – “the pair” – to accessorize their outfit for the new season. They also received an easy-to-use style mini-guide to help them make inspired choices with regards to colours and matching them up, in order to obtain a striking look.

In addition, we organized a series of fun activities for visitors in the shopping malls with TEZYO concept stores. They could enjoy a well-deserved shopping break with their friends in the TEZYO Fun Corner, creating gifs to snappy music and printing their favourite photos.

*Cristi Movila (eCommerce Director, OTTER): “The new TEZYO concept store by Otter Distribution is a new shopping destination offering a new and fresh experience; it’s a supplier of brands with personality and new ideas for those wanting to refresh their wardrobe every season. “Paired-up Shoes” was more than a promotional campaign; we wanted to meet the self-expressing, fashion-interested public with advice and inspiration for the spring, and for matching and accessorizing their favourite outfits. The positive feedback from clients and the high participation to our events and activations confirmed once again that the public don’t merely wish for a discount-driven purchase, but for a new and inspiring experience, with products and brands they can identify with."

Delia Margarit (Managing Partner, The GOOD Company): “The rise of the fashion industry over the past few years is not by chance; it proves the consumers have a growing interest in their own look and personal style. And the top brands in this field must keep up the pace with their customers, surprising them with creative campaigns – and even think one step ahead of them.
“Paired-up Shoes” was such a campaign for us, in which we had the freedom to design a campaign integrating the online and offline with the clients’ current pursuits – a campaign in which TEZYO became their style consultant for an unforgettable summer."*

Participating teams:

The Otter Distribution team contributing to the campaign’s development was comprised of: Cristi Movila (eCommerce Director), Claudia Nastase (Online Marketing Specialist), Adina Ion (Offline Marketing Specialist). In addition, all OTTER Distribution employees got involved and contributed to the campaign’s successful deployment.

The team participating in the campaign’s development was comprised of: Delia Margarit (Managing Partner, The GOOD Company), Bianca Chiscop (Jr. Account Executive, The GOOD Company), Florence Luca (Creative Director, Digital Friday), Teodor Bratu (Creative, Digital Friday), Anita Kevorkian (Graphics Designer, Digital Friday), Teodora Alexa (Graphics Designer, Digital Friday), Daniel Luca (Managing Partner, Elastic Orange).