Morarita is You

Posted in Blog, News on Dec 14, 2016

We all had moments when we wanted to surprise our loved ones with a delicious snack, but didn’t have enough time to prepare it. Panovia fulfils our wishes with a delicious dessert that’s easy to make: Morarita (“Miller Lady”) strudels.

“Morarita Is You!” is the slogan Panovia, owners of the Morarita brand, and the GOOD Company, want to use to gather around the table all lovers of sweet, delicious, easy-to-cook snacks.

The first competition-campaign in the history of Morarita started with the belief that each consumer – regardless of age, gender, lifestyle or cooking prowess – can prepare a sweet surprise for their loved ones.

About the challenge “Morarita Is You!”

Morarita challenged the more daring sweets lovers to capture, in a photo or video, the fun context in which they enjoyed the Morarita strudel. Along with a short description of the story behind it, the media must be uploaded to the website and distributed on social networks, to get friends’ votes.

The first to participate were the campaign’s endorsers, the Kooperativa 2.0 team and Dana Rogoz, who challenged their readers to enter the competition through their own videos, blogs and social media channels.

The first to participate were the campaign’s endorsers, the Kooperativa 2.0 team and Dana Rogoz, who challenged their readers to enter the competition through their own videos, blogs and social media channels.

Since every challenge must have surprises, the most creative, original and compelling material was set to win the Grand Prize, a 10,000 lei gift card. We say “compelling” because it was judged by a jury comprised of Cristi China, Kooperativa 2.0 and the Panovia team. The contestants not receiving enough votes to qualify for the top 5 finalists still had a chance: a weekly prize draw for a 500 lei gift card.

The competition took place between September 15th – December 15th 2016, and the Grand Prize winner of the challenge “Morarita Is You!” was announced around the holidays, to delight loved ones with Christmas gifts.

Sabin Martoiu (CEO, Panovia): “We live in a century of speed, when most Romanians don’t have enough time to prepare sweets. We launched this campaign aiming to grow the community around the Morarita brand, an authentic Romanian brand, by offering a sweet product that is quickly prepared and can be enjoyed at any time of the day, as a dessert or snack. By spending less time in the kitchen, our customers will enjoy more time with their loved ones.”

Ana Stanel(Managing Partner, The Good Company): “We really wanted to win the Morarita project – first of all, because it’s a first for the client, and the stakes are high... and we like high stakes. In addition, it’s interesting how Morarita tries to play – discreetly, but provocatively – with established frozen pastry mentalities; these come directly from the brand’s architecture and philosophy, as well as from the people behind it. This is why it was such an experience to search for the right tone to pass these nuances on. We are anxiously awaiting the market’s response to this initiative. But one thing is for certain: since we’ve been working together, Morarita acquired another small, but loyal segment of consumers – The GOOD Company team, our friends and families. Unfortunately, the competition rules don’t allow us to let our creativity fly in front of the oven as we’d like; the advantage is that we trigger it at the office, when, inspired by the taste, we also get new ideas for this project.”

Claudia Vulpe (Account Manager, The Good Company): “The Campaign began with a challenge to ourselves. We wanted not only to highlight the product’s features, but also attract our audience in a different way, to create an experience. Thus, the whole concept was designed as a socializing context, and as a call to fun and creativity. As we’re well aware, our public’s time in the kitchen is limited, and they frequently find themselves in situations when they are looking for a delicious dessert that’s easy to prepare. This and an appetite for fun were the catalyst behind the central point of the campaign, the competition <Morarita Is You!>.”

Participating teams:

The Panovia team contributing to the campaign’s development was comprised of: Sabin Martoiu (CEO), George Dobrescu (Sales Manager).

The team participating in the campaign’s development was comprised of: Ana Stanel (Managing Partner - The GOOD Company), Claudia Vulpe (Account Manager - The GOOD Company), Valentina Voicu (Account Executive - The GOOD Company), Bogdan Jlobnitchi (Media Planner – The GOOD Company), Florence Luca (Creative Director, Digital Friday), Teodor Bradu (Senior Creative, Digital Friday), , Teodora Alexa (Graphics Designer, Digital Friday).