Posted in Blog, News on Apr 17, 2018

The Romanians need support in understanding how to constructively manage their financial debt, in order to overcome it without major difficulty. They need to be taught to be aware that overcoming adversity is in their power, step by step, day by day. Wanting to offer a solution to these problems, the Association for Community Concerns (Asociatia pentru Relatii Comunitare) launched BANOMETRU [MONEYMETER], the free program that helps you find a balance between income and expenses.

How can you convince people to benefit from 100% free financial consultations, when the main social barriers are personal preconceptions about debt and the reticence to discuss them openly? This was the challenge that The Good Company took on, from the incipient stage of research and pitching an online communication strategy that would generate engagement and awareness for BANOMETRU.

The main goal was to build a community of users and fans of the program who would help with brand advocacy in the long term, and to position BANOMETRU as a reference point to its target audience.

Starting with the main types of counselling this program offers – introductory workshops, online counselling and individual counselling sessions – the communication was centered on the ease of obtaining this advice. The mission of BANOMETRU is to help as many Romanians as possible, which is why it offers everyone the chance to receive personalized advice from a specialist. If the citizens of Bucharest and Cluj can attend introductory workshops, and people with more complex problems can attend one-on-one meetings with a financial specialist, people elsewhere in the country can receive online consultancy.

What Does Debt Mean?
The general understanding of the word “debt” is much broader than the mere “bank payments” level. People can indebt themselves by borrowing a simple object which, for various reasons, they are unable to return or replace later – using an overdraft on a salary card that tomorrow may shrink or cease to exist; unknowingly using up too much money on their credit card; and the list can go on. We may all have bigger or smaller debt, that we are aware of or not, but the most important thing is to learn to manage it.

Starting with the insight that debt is a current reality, we created this communication umbrella, with a cheerful and optimistic note for our target audience to identify with.

“Setting it up, and later setting up the deliverables and the communication mix were not easy tasks. In order to achieve our goals, it was important to differentiate the BANOMETRU program from all the financial institutions granting credit and re-financing solutions, to position it as a 100% free counselling program, and, of course, to make a memorable mark of our own on the mental collective of our audience.” Claudia Vulpe, Sr. Account Manager, The Good Company.

Passing these challenges with flying colours, we launched our communication by developing a landing page and a series of scenarios where debt creates unpleasant situations that one can overcome with the aid of BANOMETRU.

“We didn’t aim to single people out, but to create contexts, more or less plausible, but always related to a potential real situation, with three constants moving from one scenario to the next – the protagonist, the debt and BANOMETRU – and with the same resolution: BANOMETRU helping our protagonist overcome their debt.” Andreea Surugiu, Account Executive, The Good Company.

Initially, the communication was focused on performance channels – Google Adwords, Facebook Ads – in order to generate traffic to the platform, to obtain visibility for our program and for the messages created, and aiming to reach as many potential beneficiaries as possible.

Rounding this up, we then “diversified” our communication by allotting consistent resources to capitalizing the results we’d obtained thus far. The number of BANOMETRU beneficiaries we reached in the first three months helped us bring concrete information to complete our “stories” – information that was convincing for our target audience, with palpable arguments and inspirational incentives.

Thus, we set in motion an accelerated communication on social media, on the BANOMETRU Facebook page, with a series of inspirational postings, testimonials, and two special projects: tips & tricks (advice applied to the daily situations when expenses are most often impulse buys) and Chatbox (the transparent form of the program, exposed through frequently asked questions on the progress and interactions that a financial counselling session entails).

Even though finance may be considered a restrictive, rigid and unfriendly domain, the atypical approach to online communication, with anecdotal or amusing content presenting daily scenarios with an empathic and personal tone of voice got us over 900 program enrollments and a 35% increase in our fan base.

The team making this project possible was comprised of: Roxana Dumbrava (Banometru Program Coordinator @ Asociatia pentru Relatii Comunitare), Ana Stanel (Managing Partner @ The Good Company), Claudia Vulpe (Sr. Account Manager @ The Good Company), Andreea Surugiu (Account Executive @ The Good Company), Bogdan Jlobnitchi (Strategic Planner @ The Good Company), Bogdan Anghelache (Media Planner @ The Good Company), Dan Coravu (Content Creator @ The Good Company), Florence Luca (Managing Partner @ Digital Friday), Teodor Bradu (Art Director @ Digital Friday), Anita Kevorchian (Graphic Designer @ Digital Friday).