Keep up with us #Keep(ing)UpWithTheM4

Posted in Blog on May 26, 2021

** It’s a big moment. The first BMW M4 was a hit. We love cars, but especially those that can attract all the public's attention in a second. That’s why we drive.**

The 2021 BMW M4 Competition is arguably one of the most radical redesigns in the company's storied history. Curios about how it is on the road? Lucky you! But…lucky us, too!

Thanks to one of our favorite clients, Auto Cobălcescu, BMW authorized dealer in Bucharest and Pitești, last month we made a short series named “#KeepUpWithTheM4”, focused on our road trip with the newest BMW M4 Competition. At the wheel, there was none other than the BMWBlog Romania’s journalist, Andrei Barbu, who also helped us put together the first review of the M4’s performance on the roads of Romania.

It was an experience that opened our appetite for sports driving and it allowed us to share with the audience in real time the status of the road trip through short vlog-like videos and professionally taken photographs.

Much like a documented journey, we shared Andrei’s updates on the road trip at specifically decided checkpoints, such as: leaving for BMW Auto Cobălcescu Pitești from Bucharest and the city’s notorious traffic, the pit stop at the Râușor Dam, the visit at the Romanian Automobile Museum, the hillclimb on Transfăgărășan and finally, the destination – Pitești and our client’s showroom.

Bucharest-Pitești is supposed to be a short, straight road, but we managed to make it more interesting and engaging in order to showcase the M4 Competition’s performance. In Andrei’s words exactly:

"Long story short, the car is much more versatile than the previous generation, and the change to the automatic transmission fully contributes to the level of comfort, while the chassis and suspension adapt perfectly to any road. The steering is superb, and the engine is absolutely fabulous. But the biggest impact is the way the new model knows how to adapt to the settings you make (including the braking system which has two distinct modes of operation, so that you can enjoy it as much as possible). To me, the new M4 (including the Competition version) is almost exactly what an M should be: that is, a beautiful car, which you can drive with pleasure every day, no matter which road you choose. And that's a great thing from a coupe with over 500 horsepower, which eats turns at breakfast. "

Its design (and color) grabs your attention immediately. This particular BMW M4 Competition is the only one in Romania available in the launch color Sao Paulo Yellow. The centerpiece is its distinctive, frameless, vertical kidney grille and the sculpted silhouette simply takes your breath away.

As for the inside of the car, you are surrounded by exclusive BMW M details: the M-colored seams on the wheel and the chairs, the ubiquitous carbon elements – it’s not an ordinary car and you instantly understand and get the premium feel of it.

The series “#KeepUpWithTheM4” was promoted on BMW Auto Cobălcescu’s Instagram page and both Facebook pages for 3 days in a row: April 14th to 16th, with a short teaser on the 13th and final review of the car on May 11th.

The videos of the series had an average reach of 9.5k people and a view average of 4.7k. People engaged with our content, asking questions about the car, its availability for test drives or simply giving their thoughts on its looks and performance.

It was a good opportunity to represent our client as an exclusive brand having this extraordinary automobile as the main hero of the road trip. It’s also a fun way to create brand awareness for both locations, introduce the new authorized BMW dealership in Argeș county and engage with BMW enthusiasts.

This project couldn’t have been possible without our client’s support - BMW Auto Cobălcescu. Auto Cobălcescu is an authorized BMW dealership since 2015 in Bucharest and 2020 in Pitești. Its fleet includes the newest BMW models: from the classic Series, to the extreme M collection and innovative electric and plug-in hybrid models and, last but not least, it also contains used BMW automobiles with a BMW Premium Selection certificate.

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And a long round of applause for Andrei Barbu’s team:

Andrei Barbu – automotive journalist

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Adrian Cobzașu – photograph