New Opportunities for Romanian Students with the Seeds for the Future Program Initiated by Huawei Romania

Posted in Blog, News on Aug 31, 2016

Students today have numerous opportunities to explore the world of “grownups”: from internships and scholarships to competitions or projects organized for them by company people.

To encourage local talent, Huawei Romania and The Good Company agency support Romanian students every year through the “Telecom Seeds for the Future” program.

The program was launched internationally by Huawei in 2008, with a 2014 launch in Romania. In short, Huawei rewards the best internship students with a multicultural two-week experience in various Chinese cities.

During the program, Romanian students receive Chinese language and culture courses in Beijing, and professional training courses in Shenzhen. Their experience ends in Hong Kong, with a visit to the most interesting places in the city.

Preparations for the program began in July, after selecting the student beneficiaries. Once this step is completed, all administrative preparations for departure are undertaken, from obtaining travel visas to scheduling the work agenda with the Huawei representatives in China.

The project is communicated throughout the initiative, with the program results detailed in a press conference once the students return from China in September.

The initiative is also analyzed and presented by journalists accompanying the Romanian students on their trip, documenting on-the-spot the way the global teams work and the opportunities the program offers internationally.

Vlad Doicaru (Enterprise Director, Huawei Romania): "Huawei continues the Telecom Seeds for the Future program, as undertaken by its long-term local commitment to support Romanian students. We wish to offer students going to China a multicultural experience, as well as the possibility to test a real work environment within an international team, far away from home."

Delia Margarit(Managing Partner, The Good Company): "Since 2014, when Telecom Seeds for the Future was implemented in Romania, The GOOD Company has been a trusted partner in communicating the impact technology has on young people with a lot of potential. The Huawei-initiated program is an opportunity for us to support local talent who must face a global work experience alongside other young people with a passion for the latest technology."

Anca Tudosa (Account Manager, The Good Company): "Telecom Seeds for the Future is the kind of program that leaves a positive mark on everyone involved. From submitting dossiers for students’ visas to creating communication materials, to organizing the trip and the final press event – all these activities are a challenge (and an international one, at that), but with great results in the end."

The team participating in the campaign’s development was comprised of: Vlad Doicaru (Enterprise Director - Huawei Romania), Delia Margarit (Managing Partner – The Good Company), Anca Tudosa (Account Manager – The Good Company), Florence Luca (Creative Director - Digital Friday).