Canon Endless Toys

Posted in Blog, News on Aug 24, 2018

Case study. A white-turquoise panda bear. There are two kinds of people. Some will say a panda bear can only be black-and-white. Others will want to put some wings on its back, as well. Fuchsia ones! You’ll meet these in a very cool, colourful, happy and creative world. It’s called Creative Park, the favourite playground of children, big and small.

Canon and The Good Company agency found a creative solution to make children and parents give up their smartphones for a few hours, in order to spend some quality time together. Seriously, it’s not a myth. A few hours with no phones and tablets. The legend has it that these people actually had fun, and even wanted more.

Creative Park is a free online service, available to all, that makes it possible to create personalized greeting cards, calendars and frames, as well as animals, dinosaurs and all kinds of toys. The mechanism is simple, and so is the “work procedure”, which only requires a bit of attention and limitless imagination. Oh, and two working hands that won’t be tapping phones, but imagining pink owls, white-red hedgehogs, zebra-coloured giraffes and orange-purple zebras. Or any other animal, really, in all possible shapes and colours. Just as the world is. Different. Colourful. Tall. Short. Serious. Cheerful.

Let’s start at the beginning – the first half of 2018 saw Canon Romania and The Good Company setting two objectives for themselves: to broadcast the advantages of using Canon original consumables (inks, toners) and to make their playful platform known. The plan was to reach as many children and parents as possible through all the activities, with a focus on spending quality time together in the colourful Creative Park family. Then the game of “Endless Toys” began.

The offline numbers were impressive. Over 3,000 children playing with their parents, imagining a world of their own, with limitless toys. How did that happen?

The Creative Park figurines went about town in Bucharest, where they knew they’d find the most kids. 21 workshops were prepared, cumulating over 100 hours of active playtime. The Creative Park world was received in the midst of “Save the Children Romania” educational centres, of Bucharest’s malls over the weekends, of Bucharest kindergartens that contacted Canon, and was even asked to visit the Antipa Museum for three story-filled weekends.

While the little ones created paper masks, animals, planes or other figurines, the parents were introduced to the platform and the advantages of using [Canon] original consumables.

“Endless Toys was the most charming project we’ve had in the past year – and it’s not hard, when you have the perfect platform to imagine and create new worlds, plus an army of kids wanting to play. The results were quick to appear, with the number of visitors to the Creative Park platform doubling and maintaining the same level ever since”, said Andreea Ionescu (Project Coordinator, Canon România).

The cutest toys could not be missing from the stores, as well as every playground, so the implementation team created the most attractive ways to display them, and the children could choose their work models from among the exhibit pieces themselves. At the end, they compared and took pictures with them. What’s more, the children printed their activity memories on the spot.

Every kid took their own creations home – photographs from the playground, as well as figurines inviting further play at home, bearing inscriptions of the platform details.

Online communication was even more exhaustive, comprising, beyond the Google, Facebook and YouTube channels, of blogs of Canon friends from within the parenting domain, building the most beautiful educational projects towards spending quality family time together. The project was joined by: Dana Rogoz, Ellie White, Otilia Mantelers,, Miruna Ionani (siblondelegandesc,ro), Crisina Buja (, Mirela Popescu (, Ruxandra Luca, Dan Cruceru ( They said “We want some, too!” and, together with their kids, invented a world to their liking. As life should really be. Let’s invent our world, just as we imagine it.

"From the very beginning, we knew it was more than a campaign. Endless Toys was a challenge, an “invitation” to reconnect with our inner child, to discover what was fascinating and motivating us to focus for hours on end. And so, we played – grown-ups and young ones alike. In a digitized world, through Creative Park we managed to inspire thousands of children to return to playing, the place where creativity has no limits." Andrei Voinea, Project Manager, The Good Company

Throughout the communication period, lots of playing themes were created specifically for each month: the jungle, outer space, spring and the Passover period. Canon aimed to build a world of endless playing possibilities, and that’s what they achieved.

The team making this campaign possible was comprised of: Elena Eana (Corporate Communications & B2C Marketing Services Professional – Canon CEE), Delia Mărgărit (Managing Partner – The GOOD Company), Andreea Ionescu (B2C & B2B Marketing Professional – Canon Romania), Andrei Voinea (Project Manager – The GOOD Company), Bianca Chiscop (Project Manager – The GOOD Company), Bogdan Jlobnitchi (Strategic Planner – The GOOD Company), Bogdan Anghelache (Media Planner – The GOOD Company), Florence Luca (Creative Director – Digital Friday), Teodor Bradu (Creative – Digital Friday), Anita Kevorchian (Graphic Designer – Digital Friday), Daniel Nolevski (Graphic Designer – Digital Friday).

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