#Aprilprojects - The most delicious digital Egg Hunt!

Posted in Blog on May 26, 2021

Milka Bunny brings you the most tender and delicious Egg Hunt

You may, or may not know, but in many countries, the Egg Hunt is a popular Easter ritual. Our delicious client, Milka, wanted to familiarize its consumers with the egg hunting ritual (not yet very popular in Romania) and make Easter more than a religious celebration, a tender, fun time.

With the help of our client, we managed to transpose the conceptual headline of the Easter 2021 campaign into an egg hunt game and here is the amazing project we created.

We wanted to bring the Egg Hunt ritual closer to Romanian consumers and thus we created an interactive game for people to enjoy, in the online world. Our iconic Milka Bunny was a central figure in the game, as a partner in discovering and engaging with the Milka brand and our seasonal portfolio, in a fun and tender way.” declared Lavinia Ghinescu, Senior Brand Manager Seasonals, Pralines & Bars, South Central Europe.

Our creative team was challenged to bring this game to life in a digital setting, using colorful and captivating layouts, thus offering consumers the possibility to play it indoors, not only outdoors. Many things are digital nowadays, how about an Egg Hunt too?

The Mechanism proposal and Prizes

By playing the game, which meant to discover the hidden Easter products, the participants interacted in a fun way with Milka seasonal portfolio.

The game area was divided into four different locations by design (office, creative’s playroom, living room, garden), following the split per purchase occasions of the Easter portfolio: Rituals & traditions, Kids gifting, Adults gifting, Sharing.

It worked quite simple, the participants were asked to complete at least one game space (of all 4) to enter the draw for the small prizes – a basket of Milka Easter products. If the participants completed all four game spaces, they could enter the draw for the grand prizes – 10 eMAG gift cards. The participants could have only done this maximum two times a week – meaning maximum eight chances for small prizes and two chances for big prizes per week / campaign. Whoever played the game could have won one prize of each kind (a small prize and a big prize) during the entire campaign.

The Game Concept

The creative team chose a “home” setting for the game area – either indoors or outdoors because the Egg Hunt is a game that should be played in a comfortable, loving and lively space. While some may still be attracted by the idea of playing it in a garden, be it digital too😊, other players may have identified themselves with a room similar to the one in their house: an office, a living room or a creative playroom. Either way, the way the Easter Egg Hunt ritual was displayed with the help of this digital game, reached the hearts of thousands.

Milka Bunny’s role

As a tender partner and guide for this game, we chose the iconic Milka Bunny. Therefore, in the Egg Hunt game the participants have the Milka Bunny by their side, giving them clues about the hidden products and guiding them to find the products easier and faster.

The Milka Bunny was in charge of giving 6 hints to the participant per game (out of a total of 6 products per space).

Our creation department made hints for all products & game spaces, that were generated randomly by a code, different for various game sessions.


The campaign was promoted in social media and media and notable generalist and tech publications such as: Capital, Hotnews or 9AM.

**The teams

Mondelez International

Lavinia Ghinescu - Senior Brand Manager Seasonals, Pralines & Bars, South Central Europe

Ana Maria Mircea - Junior Brand Manager Seasonals, Pralines & Bars, South Central Europe

Dana Dobrescu - Corporate & Government Affairs, South Central Europe


Florence Mărgărit – Creative Director

Cristina Corobleanu – Graphic Designer

Flavia Fabian – Graphic Designer


Ana Stănel – Managing Director

Bianca Dumitriu – Account Manager

Bianca Mănăilă – Senior Account Executive

Roxana Tănase – Copywriter